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Alumna's Cierra Rohrbaugh Displays Gunnison Mural


NMSU MFA art alumna's Cierra Rohrbaugh displays her new mural in Gunnison, Colorado. She is currently a full-time adjunct art professor at Western Colorado University.

Cierra writes, "Yesterday I was blessed to be honored by Ace Hardware, friends, family, colleagues, students, the Gunnison community, and the Gunnison Creative District. 

The support from every one of these people was felt and so appreciated. The time and energy put into this mural was seen by all who drove by, walked by, and just those who visited Ace while I was working on it. Those people were there too! 

I could not be more honored to have been the artist chosen for this project. It has been a dream of mine to create a mural in this town, and if it was not for Fullermer's Ace Hardware this dream would have continued to be put off. 

Thank you to Fullermer's Ace Hardware for this opportunity. For the constant support and appreciation from the entire team. It was so much fun working with everyone during this process! 

Thank you to Gunnison Creative District for putting on the event and treating me like your own. Although this mural wasn’t a part of your project, you celebrated it. The art community in the Gunnison Valley is a family, and I couldn’t be more thankful to be a part of it. 

To my friends and family. I wasn’t even expecting those of you to show up and you all did! And for those of you who weren’t able too, I know you were there in spirit! Thank you for the constant love and support you have always given me, especially when it comes to being an artist. 

To the Gunnison Community, you showed up for me and I cannot be more thankful! The event was not the most publicly shared, and yet you were there and I cannot thank you enough. For those of you who couldn’t make it, I know you reached out and also shared that your spirit would be there, so I cannot believe the support I have gotten from all of the community. 

My Mural, 'the River is the Beating Heart of Gunnison' is a work of art that includes all. Each of us has a unique connection to the River. Whether this connection be due to sports or hobbies. The river also feeds our surrounding lands. It fuels the animals whether farmed or wild. Its a beloved landmark in this valley. It’s our heartbeat."

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